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Sub-projects' Steering Committee

The partners have established a steering committee for the 5 sub-projects (work packages).

Each sub-project has got a chairperson, who represents the subproject in the PCC:

Subproject 1:
Andrew Marston, University of Geneva
Subproject 2
Leonardo Scapozza, ETH Zurich
Subproject 3
Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma, University of Helsinki
Subproject 4
Johann Hofmann, Innsbruck Medical University
Subproject 5
Janet Lord, University of Birmingham

They will form the Steering Committee together with another member of each sub-project. The other members will be named later this year.

The Steering Committee will be responsible for its own organisational arrangements, work procedures and time schedule, providing that they do not conflict with the contract, implementation plan or requests made by co-ordinator, PCC or the European Commission.