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List of publications 2007 from the Consortium.
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Aouadi K., Defaut B., Goekjian P. G., Gueyrard D. (2007)

Synthesis of semicyclic dienes derived carbohydrate by Julia olefination on anomeric vinyl sulfones.

Synlett (16), 2590-2592.
Arbiser, J.L., Kau, T., Konar, M., Narra, M., Ramchandran, R., Summers, S.A., Vlahos, C.J., Ye, K., Perry, B.N., Matter, W., Fischl, A., Cook, J., Silver, P.A., Bain, J., Cohen, P., Whitmire, D., Furness, S., Govindarajan, B. and Bowen, J.P. (2007)

Solenopsin, the alkaloidal component of the fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), is a naturally occurring inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase signaling and angiogenesis.

Blood 109, 56-565. >>
Bain, J., Cummings, L., Elliot, M., Shpiro, N., Hastie, J., McLaughlan, H., Klevernic, I., Arthur, S., Alessi, D. and Cohen, P. (2007)

The selectivity of protein kinase inhibitors; a further update.

Biochem. J. 408, 297-315 >>
Battistutta R., Mazzorana M., Cendron L., Bortolato A., Sarno S., Kazimierczuk Z., Zanotti G., Moro S., and Pinna L. A. (2007)

The ATP-binding site of protein kinase CK2 holds a positive electrostatic area and conserved water molecules.

Chembiochem. 8, 1804-1809.
Barok M., Isola J., Pályi-Krekk Z., Nagy P., Juhász I., Vereb G. sr., Kauraniemi P., Kapanen A., Tanner M., Vereb G., Szöllősi J. (2007).

 Trastuzumab causes antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity-mediated growth inhibition of submacroscopic JIMT-1 breast cancer xenografts despite intrinsic drug resistance.

Mol Cancer Ther 6(7):2065-72.>>
Belmont P, Bosson J, Godet T, Tiano M (2007).

Acridine and Acridone Derivatives, Anticancer Properties and Synthetic Methods: Where Are We Now?

Anti-Cancer Agents Med. Chem.  7, 139-169.

Belmont, P. (2007).

Benzannulation, aminobenzannulation and heterocyclization reactions. Access to acridine, furoquinoline and pyranoquinoline nuclei from quinolines. In: Modern Approaches to the synthesis of O- and N-Heterocycles.

Research Signpost Ed., Kerala, India. Vol. 2, Ch. 8, 247-261

Bettayeb K., Tirado O. M., Marionneau-Lambot S., Ferandin Y., Lozach O., Morris J. C., Mateo-Lozano S., Drueckes P., Schachtele C., Kubbutat M. H., Liger F., Marquet B., Joseph B., Echalier A., Endicott J. A., Notario V., Meijer L.(2007)

Meriolins, a new class of cell death inducing kinase inhibitors with enhanced selectivity for cyclin-dependent kinases.

Cancer Res 67: 8325-8334>>

Bouchikhi F., Anizon F., Moreau P. (2007)

Synthesis and antiproliferative activities of isoindigo and azaisoindigo derivatives.

Eur. J. Med. Chem. 43, 4: 755-762>>
Bretonnet A-S , Jochum A., Walker O., Krimm I., Goekjian P. G., Marcillat O., Lancelin J-M (2007)

NMR Screening Applied to the Fragment-Based Generation of Inhibitors of Creatine Kinase Exploiting a New Interaction Proximate to the ATP Binding Site.

J. Med. Chem. 50(8); 1865-1875>>

Coluccia, A. M., Vacca, A., Dunach, M., Mologni, L., Redaelli, S., Bustos, V. H., Benati, D., Pinna, L. A., Gambacorti-Passerini, C. (2007)

Bcr-Abl stabilizes beta-catenin in chronic myeloid leukemia through its tyrosine phosphorylation.

EMBO J. 26: 1456-1466.>>

Cuadrado, A., Lafarga, V., Cheung, P., Dolado, I., Llanos, S., Cohen, P. and Nebreda, A. R. (2007)

A new p38MAP kinase-regulated transcriptional co-activator that stimulates p53-dependent apoptosis. 

Embo j. 2007. 26, 2115–2126>>

Dal Pero F., Di Maira G., Marin O., Bortoletto G., Pinna L. A., Alberti A., Ruzzene M., and Gerotto M. (2007)

Heterogeneity of CK2 phosphorylation sites in the NS5A protein of different hepatitis C virus genotypes.

J. Hepatol. 47, 768-776.>>
Di Maira G., Brustolon F., Bertacchini J., Tosoni K., Marmiroli S., Pinna L. A., Ruzzene M. (2007)

Pharmacological inhibition of protein kinase CK2 reverts the multidrug resistance phenotype of a CEM cell line characterized by high CK2 level.

Oncogene 26, 6915-6926.>>
Doerig, C., and Meijer, L. (2007)

Antimalarial drug discovery: targeting protein kinases.

Expert Opinion Ther Targets 11: 279-290. >>
Ersvaer, E., Hampson, P., Wendelbo, O., Lord, J. M., Gjertsen, B. T., Bruserud, O. (2007)

Circulating T cell in patients with untreated acute myelogenous leukaemia are heterogeneous and can be activated through the CD3/TCR complex.

Hematology, Volume 12, Issue 3 June 2007 , 199 - 207


Ersvaer, E., Hampson, P., Hatfield, K., Ulvestad, E., Wendelbo, O., Lord, J. M., Gjertsen, B. T., Bruserud, O. (2007)

T cells remaining after intensive chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia show a broad cytokine release profile including high levels of Interferon-g that can be further increased by a novel protein kinase C agonist PEP005.

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 2007, 56, 6. 913-925.>>

Abstract>> (Pdf, 57 KB)

Facchin S., Ruzzene M., Peggion C., Sartori G., Carignani G., Marin O., Brustolon F., Lopreiato R., and Pinna L. A. (2007)

Phosphorylation and activation of the atypical kinase p53-related protein kinase (PRPK) by Akt/PKB.

Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 64, 2680-2689.>>

Ferrarese A., Marin O., Bustos V. H., Venerando A., Antonelli M., Allende J. E., and Pinna L. A. (2007)

Chemical dissection of the APC Repeat 3 multistep phosphorylation by the concerted action of protein kinases CK1 and GSK3.

Biochemistry 46, 11902-11910.>>

Fewer D.P., Rouhiainen L, Jokela J., Wang H., Wahlsten M., Laakso K. and Sivonen K. (2007)

Recurrent adenylation domain replacement in the microcystin synthetase gene cluster.

BMC Evolutionary Biology 7:183 (open access journal).>>

Galietta A., Gunby R. H., Redaelli S., Stano P., Carniti C., Bachi A., Tucker P. W., Tartari C. J., Huang C. J., Colombo E., Pulford K., Puttini M., Piazza R. G., Ruchatz H., Villa A., Donella-Deana A., Marin O., Perrotti D., & Gambacorti-Passerini C. (2007)

NPM/ALK binds and phosphorylates the RNA/DNA binding protein PSF in anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Blood, 110, 2600-2609. >>
Galkin, A., Surakka, A., Boije af Gennäs, G., Ruotsalainen, T., Kreander, K., Tammela, P., Sivonen, K., Yli-Kauhaluoma, J., Vuorela, P. (2007):

Hydrophobic derivatives of 5-(hydroxymethyl)isophthalic acid that selectively induce apoptosis in leukemia cells but not in fibroblasts.

Drug Development Research (in press).
Gambacorti-Passerini, C. B., Tornaghi, L., Marangon, E., Franceschino, A., Pogliani, E. M., D'Incalci M., Zucchetti, M. (2007)

Imatinib concentrations in human milk.

Blood 5;109(4):179 >>
Gambacorti-Passerini, C., Tornaghi, L., Franceschino,A., Piazza, R., Corneo, G., Pogliani, E.

In reply to 'Cardiotoxicity of the cancer therapeutic agent imatinib mesylate'.

Nat Med. 2007 Jan;13(1):13-4; author reply 15-6.>>

Guiffant, D., Tribouillard, D., Gug, F., Galons, H., Meijer, L., Blondel, M. and Bach, S. (2007).

Identification of intracellular targets of small molecular weight chemical compounds using affinity chromatography.

Biotechnol. J., 2:68-75. >> (pdf)

Gunby, R. H., Sala, E., Tartari, C. J., Puttini, M., Gambacorti-Passerini, C., Mologni, L. (2007)

Oncogenic fusion tyrosine kinases as molecular targets for anti-cancer therapy.

Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
7(6): 594-611

Halinen, K., Jokela J., Fewer D., Wahlsten M. and Sivonen K. (2007)

Direct evidence for the production of microcystins by strains of the genus Anabaena (Cyanobacteria) isolated from the Baltic Sea.

Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73: 6543-6550

Marie-Aude Hiebel, Béatrice Pelotier, Olivier Piva (2007)

Total synthesis of (+/-)-diospongin A via Prins reaction

Tetrahedron, 2007, 63, 7874-7878.>>

Kohfeld, S., Jones, P. G., Totzke, F., Schächtele, C., Kubbutat, M. H. G., Kunick, C.

1-Aryl-4,6-dihydropyrazolo[4,3-d][1]benzazepin-5(1H)-ones: A new class of antiproliferative agents with selectivity for human leukemia and breast cancer cell lines.

 Eur. J. Med. Chem. 42, 1317-1324>>

Koskenniemi, K., C. Lyra, P. Rajaniemi-Wacklin, J. Jokela and K. Sivonen. (2007)

A quantitative real-time PCR detection of toxic Nodularia (cyanobacteria) in the Baltic Sea.

Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73: 2173-2179.>>

Lamy C., Hofmann J., Parrot-Lopez H., Goekjian P. G. (2007).

Synthesis of a fluoroalkene peptidomimetic precursor of N-acetyl-L-glutamyl-L-alanine.

Tetrahedron Lett. 48(35), 6177-6180>>
Litman, P., Ohne, O., Ben-Yaakov, S., Shemesh-Darvish, L., Yechezkel, T., Salitra, Y., Rubnov, S., Cohen, I., Senderowitz, H., Kidron, D., Livnah, O., Levitzki, A. and Livnah, N. (2007).

A novel substrate mimetic inhibitor of PKB/Akt inhibits prostate cancer tumor growth in mice by blocking the PKB pathway.

Biochemistry 46(16): 4716-24.>>
Di Maira G., Brustolon F., Bertacchini J., Tosoni K., Marmiroli S., Pinna L. A., and Ruzzene M. (2007)

Pharmacological inhibition of protein kinase CK2 reverts the multidrug resistance phenotype of a CEM cell line characterized by high CK2 level.

Oncogene 26, 6915-6926.>>

Mishra S., Pertz V., Zhang B., Kaur P., Shimada H., Groffen J., Kazimierczuk Z., Pinna L. A., Heisterkamp N. (2007)

Treatment of P190 Bcr/Abl lymphoblastic leukemia cells with inhibitors of the serine/threonine kinase CK2.

Leukemia. 21(1):178-80.>>

Myrianthopoulos V., Magiatis P., Ferandin Y., Skaltsounis A.L., Meijer L. , Mikros E. (2007).

An integrated computational approach to the phenomenon of potent and selective inhibition of Aurora kinases B and C by a series of 7- substituted indirubins.

J. Med. Chem. 50, 4027-4037.>>

C. Nyffenegger, G. Fournet et B. Joseph. (2007)

Synthesis of 3-amino-5H-pyrrolo[2,3-e]-1,2,4-triazines by Sonogashira/copper(I)-catalyzed heteroannulation.

Tetrahedron Lett., 2007, 48, 5069.>>

Pagano, M. A., Poletto, G., Di Maira, G., Cozza, G., Ruzzene,M., Sarno, S., Bain, J., Elliott, M., Moro, S., Zagotto, G., Meggio, F., Pinna, L. A. (2007)

Tetrabromocinnamic acid (TBCA) and related compounds represent a new class of specific protein kinase CK2 inhibitors.

Chembiochem. 8(1):129-39. >>

Pohjala, L., Tammela, P., Samanta, S. K., Yli-Kauhaluoma, J., Vuorela, P. (2007)

Assessing the data quality in predictive toxicology using a panel of cell lines and cytotoxicity assays.

Anal Biochem 362: 221-228.


Sapkota, G. P., Newell, F. S., Armstrong, C., Bain, J., Frodin, M., Grauert, M., Schnapp, G., Steegmaier, M., Cohen, P. and Alessi, D. R. (2007)

BI-D1870 is a specific inhibitor of the p90 ribosomal protein S6 kinase (RSK) isoforms in vitro and in vivo.

Biochem J. 401, 29-38>>

Cédric Schneider, David Gueyrard, Florence Popowycz, Benoît Joseph, and Peter G. Goekjian (2007)

Synthesis of 6-substituted pyrido[2,3-b]indoles by electrophilic substitution

Synlett, 2007, 2237.>>

Sivonen, K. and T. Börner. (2007)

Bioactive compounds produced by cyanobacteria. Book Chapter In: "The cyanobacteria: Molecular Biology, Genomics and Evolution",

Herraro, A. &  E. Flores (Eds.). Horizon Scientific Press, Norwich, U. K.
Sivonen, K. (2007)

Emerging high throughput analyses of cyanobacterial toxins and toxic cyanobacteria. In: Proceedings of the Interagency, International Symposium on Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms.

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. H. K. Hudnell (Ed.).
Springer Press (in press).

Windheim, M., Lang, C., Peggie, M., Cummings, L. A., S. Akira and Cohen, P. (2007)

Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of cytokine production by muramyl dipeptide.

Biochem. J. (2007) 404 (179–190) >>