HDR 2006

The Pro-KinaseResearch Consortium arranged it's Mid-Term Scientific Review in conjunction with 18th Helsinki Drug Research -HDR 2006- Congress on June 1-2, 2006 in Helsinki.

HDR 2006 was a scientific meeting open to all registered participants. It included three symposiums, one of which was “Protein Kinases as Drug Targets”.

This meeting was also the first public dissemination of Consortium’s research results and it served as a forum for presenting our scientific progress to our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members
Dr. Marcelo G. Kazanietz (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
and Prof. Kim D. Janda (The Scripps Research Institute, Department of Chemistry).

A DOSIS theme issue "Protein Kinase Research" (Pdf, 910 KB) provides a closer look to protein kinases, especially those studied by our Consortium.

->DOSIS for printing (Pdf, 3 MB)

Here you can view the abstracts of lectures and oral communications from the congress.


  Day 1

Plenary Lecture:

The Diacylglycerol/Phorbol Ester Receptors:
Looking Beyond Protein Kinase C


Dr. Marcelo G. Kazanietz
  Session 1: Protein Kinases as Drug targets
Chair: Prof. Raimo K. Tuominen
Session 2: Tyrosine Kinases

Chair: Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Oral Communications

Chair: Dr. Michael Kubbutat

Day 2
Session 3: SER/THR Kinases I

Chair: Prof. Janet Lord
Session 4: SER/THR Kinases II

Chair: Prof. Johann Hofmann
Oral Communications I

Chair: Prof. Andrew Marston
Oral Communications II

Chair: Prof. Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma