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Work package 5

Description of work

Protein kinases represent a significant therapeutic target in many pathologies as they represent the effectors of cell signaling pathways that control a variety of cell functions, from cell proliferation, to differentiated cell function and cell death.

The role of work package 5 in the Prokinase Research project is to test novel compounds, of both natural and synthetic origin, in various model systems for their therapeutic potential against a range of diseases. The latter include cancer (with leukaemia as a specific disease targeted), epilepsy, heart disease and post-stroke neurodegeneration, leishmaniasis and inflammatory disease.

The protein kinases that have been the focus of the project include tyrosine kinases (Erb family), Protein kinase C, MAP kinases and Cyclin Dependent Kinases.

Groups in WP 5:
University of Debrecen
Faculty of Medicine, Medical and Health Science Center, Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology
Prof. János Szöllõsi
Prof. György Vereb

Institute of Neurobiology of the Mediterranean Sea
Dr. Yehezkel Ben-Ari
Dr. Anton Ivanov
University of Bergen
Apoptosis Signaling Group (APSIB)
Prof. Stein-Ove Døskeland
University of Birmingham
MRC Centre for Immune Regulation
Dr. Janet M. Lord
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
Department of Pharmacy, Center of Drug Research
Prof. Angelika Vollmar
Dr. Stefan Zahler

University of Vienna
Department of Pharmacognosy
Prof. Verena M. Dirsch, Ph.D
Vienna, Austria
  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Hadassah Medical School
Department of Parasitology
Prof. Charles L. Jaffe
Neurokin S.A.R.L
Dr. Serge Timsit
Dr. Benedicte Menn