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Work package 1

The main objective of WP1 is to provide protein kinase inhibitors and/or activators from plant, fungal and cyanobacterial sources.

The libraries of natural extracts from various sources will be screened for bioactivity against various protein kinases. The active components will be purified and their structures solved. The structures will be screened virtually for their possible interaction with other protein kinases within work package 2.

Groups in WP 1:
University of Helsinki
Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology
Prof. Kaarina Sivonen
Prof. Annele Hatakka
Dr. Jouni Jokela
Université de Genève
Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie et de Phytochimie
Section des Sciences Pharmaceutiques
Prof. Kurt Hostettmann
Dr. Andrew Marston
CNRS Roscoff
Station Biologique
    Prof. Laurent Meijer